Warlord became Best In Short Time With Generator Hack

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Popularity game Castle Clash or Castle Conflict is already beyond a reasonable doubt. This game can make the Clasher or players Castle Clash playing endless their focus to become a Warlord who the best. Game Castle clash hack is broadly shared how a kingdom defend their territory by taking various strategies of war with a rival kingdom.

Conflict in the game this castle there is some sense that you can apply to further expedite your mission, especially your part the new Clasher. Some of them are :


castle clash

• Town Hall
Town Hall is the most important building on which to base or base you to achieve success and get the strongest ground. When upgrading to the Town Hall, you will be able to unlock more buildings. Additionally, you can also perform up-grade to the rest of the building. If you do not perform Town Hall until at a certain level, then you will not be able to upgrade the rest of the building.

• Watch Tower
Watch Tower is a tower base if upgraded at a certain level it will be turned into the Tower Arrow, Magic Tower, and the Tower Cannon. When it reaches a certain level then you will get a new feature called Garrison. When the Town Hall has reached level 16, then Hero Totem opens. Meanwhile, when it reaches level 29, the second Hero Totem will be equally open.

• Trap
Trap is the only element that does not need to be upgraded. You only need to buy it and place it wherever you want. To buy more traps you have to perform the upgrade.

• Hero
Heroes is a very important element that needs to be upgraded to make them more powerful. There you will have a Data Source Building. If you do not have it then you will not be able to reach any level

• Decorations
The decor is a lot like Christmas decorations, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and Se [ak Ball,

How to Eliminate Acne Naturally Along with scars

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This is Natural Ingredients To Eliminate Acne, ingredients to get rid of acne is very easy to find. So, there is nothing wrong if you try it yourself at home, guaranteed to be safe and effective.

acne nomore

Creating Masks of Honey

How to get rid of acne naturally the first is with honey. This material has been very popular with a lot of benefits to make skin smooth and healthy. Greatness own honey can also help you who are struggling to get rid of acne. Honey contains antibiotics and nutrition, so that it can be a deterrent infection that can make acne no more

How Its use :
How to use honey is also very easy, just need applied evenly to the face with acne.
Besides using honey, you can also create a mask by using a mixture of honey with egg white.
The trick is to mix both ingredients and stir.
After that, apply a mixture of honey and egg white into facial acne.

Applying Ice Cube on Face

How to get rid of acne naturally the next is on the rocks. Besides being used to make cold drinks, it turns out the ice cubes also can eliminate acne. Ice cubes can shrink the pores on the skin, not only that ice cubes can also improve blood circulation in the area around the pimple. For those of you who have excess oil, can also provide an ice cube on the skin.

How Its use :
How to remove acne with ice cubes is quite easy, First, prepare ice cubes that will be applied on the face is better wrapped in a clean cloth.
Paste an ice cube wrapped with acne on your face and stick for a few minutes.
Make it routine process to heal acne.

Make Tomato Mask

Vegetables this one certainly is not foreign for use in skin care. Besides being able to tighten the skin, tomatoes can also be used to treat acne. That is because the tomato contains vitamins A and C are very good for the skin body.

How its Use :

How to treat acne with the first tomatoes are ripe tomatoes provide reddish.
Cut the tomatoes in thin and stick it on facial acne.
Let stand for 10 to 15 minutes.
Make it a routine premises for acne could soon disappear.

Dose Garcinia Cambogia That Must You Go

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Garcinia Cambogia Results Along the changing times, things become almost instantaneous. No exception to health. Many people who are obese in this era. This is because unhealthy lifestyle and irregular eating patterns. Of course a simple solution to reduce obesity is to go on a diet. But today many diet methods that actually harm our bodies. There liposuction, there is also a diet drug ingredient is not clear. To that end, a very appropriate choice if we want to get back to nature. Re-use herbal medicines to give our diet solution method is a very good choice. If you are sensitive to the news today, there are herbs is on the rise because the properties are effective for weight loss. There are herbs Latin name Garcinia Cambogia is native of Indonesia. A fruit that has a shape resembling a mangosteen is commonly used as a culinary spice archipelago. In Indonesia alone, Garcinia Cambogia is known as gelugur acid. The efficacy of weight loss caused by this herb is very safe for us who seek herbal slimming. However, if you consume it is not appropriate, it is no longer safe word but harm to your own body. It is important to know the dose you Garcinia Cambogia is appropriate for you.
A number of studies have shown that Garcinia Cambogia is effective for weight loss and has other properties that are good for the body. The content of HCA contained in this herb has a moderate effect for weight loss. Garcinia Cambogia dose for daily consumption is recommended between 500 to 1000 mg alone. Provide a lag time of at least 30 to 60 minutes before a meal to drink Garcinia Cambogia. Giving pause this time aiming for maximum absorption by the digestive drugs you are still empty.

garcinia cambogias

Good use of Garcinia cambogia is a dose that is no less and no more than 750 mg before lunch. 750 mg extract of Garcinia Cambogia contains only, not including other supplementary materials. Sometimes in addition to capsule, there are some additional material to support the weight of the extract of this herb, such as the dosage of pills. For maximum results, you should regularly consume doses of the herb has been recommended. Rather, you can consult with your doctor so you understand how many doses you really need. It is not good for your body when taking this drug because of excessive acid content contained in Garcinia Cambogia. The use of this drug is not more than 12 weeks for the long-term effects are caused.

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Garcinia Cambogia dose of 750 mg in a day is equivalent to taking 900 mg of pure HCA. This dose has been highly enough for you to lose weight and get into shape. The content of HCA will increase the formation of serotonin hormone whose function inhibits the production of the hormone ghrelin. Hormone serotonin useful to increase pleasure and reduce hunger. Besides HCA also enable the gall to shed the fat in the body. That way, your diet will be quickly resolved. In addition to diet with Garcinia Cambogia, you also should keep pace with diet and exercise enough to speed up the metabolic processes in the body.

Benefits Of Black Pepper To Burn Fat

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Pepper (Piper nigrum L) collectively, the pepper has the characteristic with the spicy taste. The seeds of the herbs and spices used in many cuisines as well as health. Pepper has an important role in the components of the dish. In the 17th century, the pepper is very price soared.

This was the cause of the European trying to find a way to monopolize as many pepper and this became the early history of the colonization of Asia, America and Africa.


Besides the pepper is also beneficial for health, one to burn fat. Indeed burn fat can be done with exercise. Sport is one of the activities that can be used to burn fat. In addition, You can also make use of black pepper to aid fat burning. Input black pepper in Your dishes. The content contained on the black pepper helps the process of metabolism of fats.

Black pepper has been known historically as a condiment cuisine has many benefits. Traditional medicine of the Eastern country many teach that, with pepper, spicy and hot sensation is able to treat several health problems such as indigestion, pain or inflammation.

Since hundreds of years ago pepper already used in the treatment, but how it works up to into the cell has not been much revealed by modern medicine. There is a study in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry will try to analyze the content found in black pepper.

Um Jong soo is one of the researchers involved in the research, said that the piperin contained within the content of the pepper is beneficial for fat burning. In addition, piperin also very nice if used to diet because piperin able to inhibit the formation of new fat tissue.

A computer program used in the simulation lab and find the results, the content of the activity of genes affect piperin related to weight or overweight. Quote Sciencedaily, describes the role of piperin to keep fat levels so that remains controlled.

Although the research is early research, but from the research results prove the existence of the opportunity that the black pepper can be used as an alternative to help tackle obesity. In the future it may be possible, the doctor only gives black pepper recipes to lose weight.

Excess weight would be a problem that interferes with your appearance, while also being one of the risk factors of chronic diseases that are dangerous. The onset of diabetes and a heart attack is usually due to obesity, in addition to less terkontrolnya body fat also becomes a cause of cancer, including colon cancer.

Other benefits of pepper:
– Treat sore rheumatic pain
– Reduce the symptoms of gout disease
– Treating rheumatism
– Inhibits bone porous
Content in pepper:
– Starch
– Dihdrokarveol
– Flavonoida
– Kavisin
– Essential oil
– Pepper Oil.
– Piperiline
– Piperine
– Piperoleine
– Piperonal
– Poperanine
– Resin
– Saponins
– Egg white Substance

The official 6.0 PhotoGrid of 3 new features introduced, So the mainstay

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The latest version of the PhotoGrid – PhotoGrid 6.0, officially launched today. The latest version is no longer just a photo collage maker application, but rather a creative social community-based applications to users. With this update, users are now able to share precious moments everyday through existing social features.


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“We see this trend as a positive thing for everyone, because they can now easily and freely share fascinating stories about anything through social media platform. Therefore, the PhotoGrid provides community-based social photo-sharing within the PhotoGrid, which simultaneously serves as a device for taking and editing pictures, “said Head of Product PhotoGrid, Jeremy Peng in the official description, Friday (13/1/2017).

In addition, with more than 100 million active users, Indonesia also as the country with the largest number of users of the PhotoGrid. That’s why the company chose Indonesia as the first country to receive this update.

“Currently, the PhotoGrid has been downloaded as many as 300 million times globally and 15 million photos edited per day,” added Peng.

The latest version comes with a number of the PhotoGrid interesting features, including Grid, Scrapbook, Filmstrip, and Share-to-Social. While the latest functions rely on additional rolling comments, personalized feeds, and intelligent editing.

“That distinguishes the PhotoGrid of other photo editing app is a creative community of social features. PhotoGrid invites users to abandon the traditional photo editing process and exploring the possibilities of making the most extreme images. The trend towards Community interest groups helps us to identify and develop a global experience for people to express themselves, find the same aspirations, and stay connected through telling stories visually (visual storytelling), “pungkas Peng.

3 features the latest FotoGrid 6.0
The community leaders also called Miss Indonesia Meme, Claire Clay, judging the PhotoGrid is very useful for those who every day almost always post stories and memes to social media. PhotoGrid photo lover accommodates the needs by providing many exciting features that allow the photo could be okay when distributed to social media.

Well, some of the latest features include:
1. Rolling comments
A feature that lets users share their creations, comment and discuss with other users.

2. Personalized Feed
This feature allows the user to follow (follow) and look at the content and photos which are personalized.

3. Intelligent editing
The latest version of the PhotoGrid application is equipped with a combination of artificial intelligence, the ability to recognize faces and machine learning technologies – all designed to turn photos into dynamic artwork to hand out to new communities and other networks. Over 300 layouts, 500 stickers and special effects available are plentiful and will more often be released to keep the user experience using the PhotoGrid stay fresh, fun and always follow the trends that are relevant to the daily lives of users.

Egg White Or Egg Yolk Is Good For Health?

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The egg is the food that we consume. However, the question arises, is better where the consumption of egg whites with the egg yolk? As many people say, the yolk is not good for the heart. Well, maybe it’s good You follow the article below.

A healthy individual in need of 300 mg of cholesterol per day. Â while one single egg contains cholesterol 220mg, it’s all in the egg yolk. Â very low cholesterol egg white, and if you throw away the yolk and white of consuming it, you actually lowers the risk of heart disease.


However, no yolk forever it is not good for health. If you want to get more nutrients it’s good you consume a little yellow eggs as well. According to a study which says that most of the actual nutrients in the yolk itself. Â this is because a large part of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are found there in the egg yolk. Â there are many B vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, minerals and carotenoids like lutein were found.

For egg whites, this material both in terms of weight loss. You should know that the consumption of one whole egg with the yolk eggs are very dense in calories compared with only white eggs consumption only. Â One large egg yolk contains 60 calories and egg white contains about 15 calories. Â so if you’re in a diet program, it’s good the consumption of white eggs only.

If you want a lot of protein but few calories it is logical that you should consume more eggs than white yellow eggs. Â you don’t need to throw out all the yellow eggs. Â because if you throw it away then you also dispose of nutrients contained therein.

It is also better for you to choose the eggs are higher quality. Â although the price may be a little higher, organic eggs or eggs are free-range chicken is a better choice. Â the Eggs come from hens that are farmed factory will have much lower levels of nutrition.

I hope this article can tell you to make the right choices in the way You eat eggs. Â in short, eat yellow but sedikt only as needed, and eating more white to eliminate fat and choose eggs from healthy chickens.

Reduce The Consumption Of Mobile Data, Facebook Launches Messenger Lite

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Facebook sign up ,facebook has just announced a new version of Messenger for Android applications. The application is named Messenger Lite, which was launched in some developing countries where according to Facebook communication is still a “luxury” goods.

The main purpose of the Lite Messenger is to reduce the consumption of mobile data is so expensive in some markets. According to Facebook, Messenger Lite application for the initial phase will be launched in five countries, namely, Kenya, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, and Venezuela.


Another reason Facebook is launching this lightweight version of Messenger is still a large number of people who have older Android definitely has a memory capacity of small and low-performance CPUS. So the Messenger Lite will very useful to users in the country.

The lime first country will get a chance to use Messenger Lite claimed Facebook has the most who use Facebook Messenger. But Facebook also promised that other countries will soon get this app.

This is the second application that uses the emblem “Lite” from Facebook after Facebook Facebook Lite released the exact same goal with Messenger Lite. But frankly, we doubt if this application will be present in iOS device because most do not have difficulties when using the standard version of the Facebook Messenger.

Apple Again Was Named Technology Company Of The Most “Green”

A recent report from Greenpeace put back Apple as the most environmentally friendly technology company. This is the third time that the Cupertino company origin grabbed the predicate.

Greenpeace itself began researching the energy consumption of the IT sector in 2009, estimated the price to be paid for any activity carried out in the world of technology companies. It describes the data center as a factory of the 21st century and want to see companies continue to implement renewable energy projects.

Note that this list only assesses energy use them, rather than the whole of their attitude towards the environment. It’s not surprising to see names like Apple, Google and Facebook are in the top position. This is due to the action and their commitment to green energy and transparency.

The companies did not release information about their energy footprint is given a score F because not enough contribute. Unfortunately, that includes many names familiar to our ears, including Twitter, Reddit and Hulu, all of which will need to do better in the future.

There are also many well-known technology companies finally get a bad score for their energy consumption. Those names are the Amazon Web Service (along with his clients, Netflix), HBO, Asus, Acer and Samsung’s it Services Division, Engadget report, Friday (13/1/2017).

Overall, the report is as thick as the 102 pages that parse the energy mix used to each center data, transparency and their efforts to get more green energy.

Combination of Top Deck set in Clash Royale

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Hello buddy beloved game lovers clash royale, this time Admin Blog will distribute a set of images and a combination of decks of cards (battle deck) the best and strongest in the arena 1 to the arena 7, actually Clash Royale already distributing a combination of decks best in every arena but at this time admin will summarize it into one unified article that my friend does not have to bother looking here and there.

Combination Strategy Card Deck Clash royale

The composition of a combination of decks of cards (battle deck) in a clash royale is one of the most important factors to win the fight against the enemies in the arena of battle in addition we have a strategy right when lowering the card, therefore we must be good at preparing decks of cards are strong so that we can always win the battle and the percentage of defeat bit.
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Know is not it bro, that which causes us often lost is the deck of cards we were less powerful, for it constantly keep the balance on each election card, the balance in question is every deck must support each other’s strengths both in defense and attack, try to always insert card or fireball arrows on each deck because it will help us to resist the enemy attack that mob.

tips on how to prepare the best and strongest card decks see here The balance of the actual card is very vital because if only we wrong in balancing the selection of cards in the battle deck then we will very easily be defeated by the enemy, therefore this time mimin will share option arrangement combination card decks best arena 1 to 7 which can mate try to apply to its effectiveness on each deck.

Combination Card Deck Best and Strongest Arena

My way of getting super magical chest see here below  is some set of images decks of cards the best and strongest that could soon buddy try to imitate and the effectiveness of each, if there is a suitable and fitting with the style battle buddy then maintain decks that do not let one another chose decks others, with Accordingly winning percentage pal when the battle will be more, okay thank you so much and hopefully help.

How Relationships Healthy and Good so long

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Courtship is a relationship that is established between a woman with a man who are still unmarried. Many ways are used to express a relationship, as well as the courtship is a relationship that is basically aimed for a good cause as to know each other in order to establish a relationship further. As I have mentioned before about the many ways to express a relationship, in a relationship in the form of courtship itself in general there are two types of relationship that is a good relationship or net and improper connection / clean, maybe a little weird about the pronunciation and my explanation on This article. But I’m sure you all have to understand what I mean by a good relationship and the cleaner.

On this occasion I will give you some tips and ways of courtship is considered good, and healthy both in terms of religion, norms and health that will certainly impact both on your life and your relationships so that long lasting and can walk with your partner.


How Courtship Good, True, Healthy and Lasting (Old)

1. Provide Limitation in Dealing
The main thing in a relationship that is clean and healthy is to give in the related restrictions against the couple. This can be done in many forms and cases such as limiting a courtship by choosing a place deemed safe from any risk of unwanted as a quiet place and less quality / useful to spend your time with a girlfriend, besides that we also should be able to make an agreement with couples must be agreed upon regarding restrictions relating to physical contact.

2. Communication and Brainstorming

This method is a way that is considered one of the most important ways to be able to have a good and lasting relationship with your partner long alias. By communicating you can resolve all the problems that you have with your spouse in addition to communicate and exchange ideas with each other will make you know about your partner’s personality.

3. Provide Mutual Support (support) and Attention
In addition to improving and maintaining the intensity to communicate and share with each other the next thing which is also very important to run a good relationship and long that provide mutual support and attention to your partner, such as when one of you are facing a problem you can give more attention as well as support in order to motivate and give the spirit so as to create a positive impact on the dating relationship that you run.

4. Relationships with Families
To establish a good relationship is not solely between you and your partner but also with people who relate to you and your partner especially your partner’s family. By establishing a good relationship and obtain approval from your partner’s family will make your relationship better in the eyes of many people, especially the people and certainly will make your relationship can run more smoothly as to be in a relationship further.

5. Future Plans
Planning for the future is one way of dating is good and right for their commitment between you and your partner to think about and plan a better future. In planning for the future, many things that need to weigh you and your spouse like in terms of age, maturity, biological, parents and etc so that you can have certainty in such good relationships.

Similarly, some tips and ways that I can share about a relationship dating a good, healthy and long-lasting with your partner.

Cleaning means Lung of Smoking For 72 Hours

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Even smokers know the dangers of smoking to health but not all of them were able to stop, especially if it has become an active smoker for many years. this article we will discuss four types of foods that are proven to clean the lungs in an instant. All smokers should read this article.

One of the most harmful effects of smoking is the opiate effects thereof. The reason is nicotine which is an addictive substance that causes a feeling of opium inside the smoker. Nicotine affects the chemical balance in the brain, especially the hormones dopamine and norepinephrine that control the sense of satisfaction, relaxed and happy.

If someone smoking a cigarette, the nicotine in it will stimulate the brain to produce less dopamine, as a result of the smoker will feel relaxed and comfortable. The subconscious then continuously requested that more dopamine is produced, how to continue to increase the intake of cigarettes.

Food for clearing the lungs

Unfortunately the smoking habit affects other organs. A cigarette is known to contain hundreds of harmful chemicals such as ammonia, carbon monoxide, nicotine, chromium, cadmium, lead, and others. Incorporating these chemicals into the body together with the body’s own poison.

A study ever conducted on the lungs of smokers. As a result, people who spend a pack of cigarettes every day at risk of developing lung cancer is 20 times greater than those who do not smoke, where most cases of lung cancer emerged when the smoker has reached the age of 40 years.

In addition to cancer, smokers are also at risk for lung infection characterized by symptoms of chronic cough, and often mixed with blood. In general, smokers ignore these symptoms until the structure of the lungs so damaged that it can not function normally and will eventually lead to complications in the heart.

There is no way to avoid the above diseases but to stop smoking completely and start living a healthy lifestyle. But for those of you who are still very difficult to stop smoking, below are some foods that you can consume to clear your lungs from toxic and harmful chemicals.

4 Foods to Clean Lungs

The good news is scientists have recently announced some kind of a diet consisting of fruits and vegetables that contain a substance that can cleanse the lungs of chemical substances from cigarettes instantly. Here is the list:

1. Ginger


Ginger has antiseptic and antibacterial properties and also helps bronchial tubes to remove harmful substances from the lungs. Benefits are generally directly felt by smokers after taking ginger was breathing so relieved and plong. The best way to eat them is to chew a piece of fresh ginger to open the airways are clogged.

2. Grapefruit

Grapefruit has enormous benefits for health, especially for the fight against lung cancer. The fruit is very rich in antioxidants that can help the body prevent cancer cells grow uncontrollably.

According to a researcher named Dr. Corrine Hanson, grapefruit or grapefruit is also rich in vitamin C that causes this fruit has the ability to inhibit the action of an enzyme that can activate cell lung cancer. Expand eating grapefruit if you are a chain smoker.

3. Selenium

Selenium is a mineral that stimulates enzymes and together with vitamin E helps in strengthening the lung membrane. The results mentioned levels of selenium in the body is inversely proportional to the number of cancer cells. This means that if selenium lot of the cancer cells will decrease or even disappear and vice versa.

Mineral Selenium is found in watermelon, mushrooms, oysters, spinach and sweet potatoes. If you are a smoker, you must consume these foods to boost the immune system and cleanse your lungs of toxins.

4. Garlic

A study ever conducted in Jiangsu Provincial Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in China. The result of diligent research now suggests eating garlic at least twice a week can reduce the risk of lung cancer will drop to 44%.

Garlic is known to contain antioxidants that can reduce free radicals in the body and contains allicin compounds that serve to eliminate inflammation in the body.

Similarly, four foods that can clear the lungs of toxins caused by smoking. In addition to these four foods, you can also consume sour sop as a cancer treatment. Hopefully useful, do not forget to click on like and distribute this article to your friends who are active smokers.