Practical Ways to Maintain Healthy Pregnancy Staying Young

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early pregnancy or often referred to as a young pregnant, are moments that can confuse. With the various changes experienced, should be taken with the right to maintain the pregnancy in order to stay healthy.

Many adjustments are triggered by hormones of the body, it is useful so that the baby can grow normally and healthy in the womb.


Here are some things you can do pregnant women to maintain early pregnancy:

Address complaints and physical changes
Various physical adjustment to pregnancy usually occurs during early pregnancy are nausea, vomiting, breast pain, frequent urination, dizziness during pregnancy and difficult bowel movements or the desire to eat something out of the ordinary. Additionally, pregnant women also are sensitive to the smell of perfume or cigarette smoke.

To alleviate complaints during pregnancy, can eat food in smaller portions more frequently. Drink plenty of water, snacks with drinks ginger. Inadequate intake of protein and iron to help relieve fatigue during early pregnancy. In order to prevent constipation during early pregnancy, limit fried foods, spicy foods, and sodas. Include foods rich in fiber and do activities lightweight body.

Do not hold your pee, because it can lead to urinary tract infections. To reduce urination at midnight, drinking less late in the afternoon. To help overcome the dizziness during early pregnancy, avoid standing for long periods and do not change position unexpectedly. Lying to the left will help relieve headaches.

Avoid smoking, alcoholic beverages, and limit caffeine
One of the risk factors that can lead to miscarriage, premature delivery, and placental problems are smoking while pregnant. Several studies have linked smoking to cleft lip conditions. Avoid alcoholic beverages because it can increase the risk of low birth weight, learning disorders, language, speech, and become hyperactive. Limit your caffeine intake during pregnancy to avoid the risk of miscarriage and other problems in keeping your pregnancy.

Also, avoid activities or hobbies that keep pregnant women using chemicals such as cleaning fluids, pesticides, or that contain heavy metals.

Controlling emotional condition
Pregnancy can trigger various emotions, such as joy, eager to restless and tired. Pregnant women are often concerned about the condition of the baby, parenting ability, until financial conditions. However, do not let these things cause stress.

Very normal pregnant women experience changes in emotional ups and downs or suddenly feel like crying. Enjoy every process in maintaining pregnancy, do not push or judge yourself. Ask for support from family and couples. If the mood changes to be very intense, you should consult with a physician or psychologist.

Strengthen relationships with partner
Pregnancy is a good time to increase intimacy in couples. Speak honestly about the needs, concerns, problems, and expectations are felt. Ask partners to do the same. Discussing these things together will help strengthen the feeling of togetherness as a couple.

Sexual activity pregnant women not infrequently disturbed, because of nausea, fatigue, or loss of mood. Choose the right time to have sex when pregnant women feel comfortable. No need to worry about the effects of these activities on the fetus because the fetus will be protected by the amniotic sac, the muscles of the uterus, and cervical fluid that protects against infection.

Wary of the danger signs of pregnancy
Arising spotting or light bleeding during pregnancy first trimester, including normal. However, beware of miscarriage signs such as bleeding during pregnancy are more accompanied by abdominal pain or not. Similarly, if the vaginal secretions during early pregnancy, changes color, odor, or itch. There is the possibility of an infection that needs to be addressed doctor. Infection can also cause symptoms of heartburn or pain during urination.

Nausea and vomiting are also included normal during early pregnancy, which is generally less severe at 12-14 weeks of gestation. Consult a doctor if nausea and vomiting, accompanied by fever, bloody vomiting, irregular heartbeat, or weight loss, dehydration and dizziness excessive.

Conduct investigation into the midwife or doctor
Do check the midwife or obstetrician regularly. The first visit, generally surrounding the health of pregnant women and to determine gestational age. Preliminary examination in the first trimester of pregnancy is also no possibility of identifying risk factors and examine chromosomal abnormalities in the fetus.

Examination of the first trimester of pregnancy is normal that per six weeks. Do not be embarrassed to ask questions about pregnancy or birth plan later in the midwife or your gynecologist.

Early pregnancy is a time that should receive particular attention. Complaints that arise in the future, must be addressed appropriately. Consult the midwife or doctor immediately, if danger signs arise in maintaining pregnancy.

Castle Clash tips you Should Know

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Castle Clash  is taking the mobile platform method globe by tornado, threatening to interrupt the preeminence of Clash of Clans. However we’re not here to speak about supremacy in the pc gaming world, yet inside the video game’s world. And in order to make that occur, we have for you a series of Castle Clash rips off: suggestions and also methods that will aid you get better and also damage adversary base after adversary base.

So let’s get things begun, there are a great deal of points to consider– and ideally this Castle Clash pointers and methods post will verify to be the only source you have to improve.


1. Concentrate on updating source producing buildings to the max. Although ideally you will certainly obtain a lot of your sources via raiding, it does not harmed to have a back-up and also the even more resources you could collect at a time, the better.

2. Only accumulate sources when the mines are complete. Or if you truly require them to build or upgrade something. There’s no have to have a lots of sources standing still because that will only attract assaults. Nobody intends to squander soldiers for a pair hundred or thousand sources, so you’ll be safer. And also, you will certainly reach use your personal sources, not give them to other gamers.

3. Keep updating the Town Hall. The larger its level, the better your community will certainly be, with even more structures and also defense units and also fencings unlocked each time.

4. Constantly have soldiers in your Army Camp. Not only that they are made use of to attack adversaries, yet you additionally use them to protect your camp. As a result, having them experienced and also knowing their capabilities is the essential to success. Additionally, constantly attempt to update them whenever feasible.

5. Don’t overlook the dungeons. The single player campaign, basically, is used to provide you couple of resources, however one exceptionally vital point: hero fragments. These can be made use of to recruit heroes and you ought to see to it that you complete the dungeons to get as many heroes as possible immediately for them to develop experience with every battle (even if you lose them in battle, they still gain experience). You can likewise replay dungeons for raised goodies and also shards as well as a good technique is to do it for those dungeons where you have minimal losses.

6. Attack with all your soldiers. Since in Castle Clash you don’t lose all your soldiers after fight, you must go all in every time you assault an enemy since the even more troops you release, the faster you will destroy the enemy’s defenses as well as reduce your losses.

7. Constantly have magic prepared. In the Antique Hall you could as well as should buy magic in order to help you in battle. A great method would be to update the Relic Hall to level 6 immediately to be able to get in the battles with 2 spells that could provide a significant benefit.

8. Sacrifice heroes when they’re no more required. Although a good technique is that to keep your early heroes with you, in many cases they will be fairly sucky so you won’t need them. Much like scum, you can sacrifice them to enhance the statistics of various other heroes. The far better the hero, the more experience you get, so it’s not that big of a loss anyway. Simply see to it that you only keep the best feasible heroes active as well as constantly eliminate the additional ones.

9. Don’t ignore the Sector. This is a new function in this video game and it could seem frightening at first, but once you get the hang of it, it will certainly be enjoyable. Not to mention that it will certainly also reward you with Honor Badges, which can and also should be used to obtain new heroes and/or boost the ones you currently have via sacrifice. Simply make sure that you have your finest heroes readily available, and difficulty others in the sector. Additionally make sure you set up your support for when others test you. Even if you shed, you will certainly get Badges, which are really essential.

10. Do not get also good. Typically, the idea is that an excellent infraction and incentives come from a bad protection. Aim to shed fights in the arena and also in the community in order to reduce your ranking and also strike hard at greater level players castle clash free gems


Healthy recipes toddlers 1 year or more nutritious for your child

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At the age of 1 year and above, the baby is in need of nutrition is more complex. Olh Therefore, foods infants aged 1 year to above must also be more varied than the food babies 6 months upwards. In addition to pay attention to nutritional content, food infant age 1 year should also be made to fit in the child’s tongue, because usually at this age, children are able to distinguish where the food was tasty and not Baby. Well, you can try to make some baby food recipes 1tahun up berrikut these will undoubtedly favored child.


Ball stews Chicken Liver

Materials needed :

Chopped chicken meat
Finely chopped chicken liver
Garlic mashed
Soy sauce
How to make Assorted recipe or set meals for toddlers that are difficult to eat with wholesome ingredients:

Mix the chicken meat, chicken liver and a little cornstarch.
Season with pepper and salt.
Form into balls with two spoons.
Tumislah delicate garlic until fragrant, add water.
Put the balls into the chicken livers sauteed garlic earlier.
Season well with pepper, salt, soy sauce and nutmeg.
Cook until done.
Ready to be served

Rice Meat Saute

Materials needed :

Rice :

500 grams of white rice fluffier
2 tablespoons margarine
2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
5 red onions, finely chopped
1 leek, finely sliced
2 tablespoons soy sauce
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1 tablespoon oyster sauce
1 teaspoon ground pepper
Saute meat:

200 grams of minced beef
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
2 tablespoons minced onion
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1/2 teaspoon ground pepper
1 tablespoon sauce BBQ
1 teaspoon salt
How to make a variation or distraction food menu toddlers ages 1 2 3 6 begizi supplementary feeding healthy:

Rice: Tumislah garlic, leeks and shallots until softened.
Add rice and seasonings. Stir until tercmapur average and a bit dry. Remove and let cool.
Saute meat: Tumislah onion until wilted.
Add the minced meat and spices. Stir until dry. Remove and put the rice in a container.
Sprinkle the rice with sauteed meat on it

Vegetables Fruit jelly

Materials needed :

50 g apples, peeled, diced
50 grams of pear, peeled, diced
1 tomato red, brewed in water, grind, strain and take the water
50 grams of carrots, peeled, diced
1 piece of sweet oranges, squeezed and take the water
4 tablespoons milk formula I, brewed in 500 cc of warm water
3 teaspoons flour jelly fresh, ready-made
How to make :

Combine all ingredients except the jelly and add to the blender and puree
Combine the flour jelly, jerang until boiling. Pour into molds and chill.
Serve fruit and vegetable jelly when cold.
Makes 4 servings

Tim Fish Carrots

Materials needed :

50 grams of snapper fillet, mashed
100 grams of pumpkin, grated rough
50 grams of carrots, shredded rough
100 grams of potatoes, shredded rough
25 grams of grated cheese
1 egg
50 cc vegetable broth (to taste)
How to make food for weight gain toddlers:

Combine all ingredients, except the cheese, then stir until smooth.
For so two and then put into a heat-resistant bowl that has been smeared with margarine Newborn Baby, sprinkle with cheese, then cover with aluminum paper.
Put it in a heat-resistant container larger one and fill it with a little water. Bake in the oven until cooked.
Remarks: The team can also be cooked by putting a mixture of ingredients in a small saucepan, then then cook over a pan of water that is full of water
Serves 2
So set some baby food recipes 1 years and over who wish favored by the little baby’s diaper, so that nutrition and nutritional needs can be met with a tub.

What’s that Pokemon Go and how to install it Pokecoins

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A short history of pokemon and pokemon go to explain briefly go is a game that takes the story to the anime pokemon name. Pokemon story itself has a lot of series and already many types of pokemon are there in the Pokemon anime.

And the main character must fight gym to get a badge and to catch wild pokemon that many species, the major player in this anime had to travel from another city to city to get different types of pokemon.

On android game pokemon go. pokemon game maker go himself took a similar story to the anime series. Pokemon games where players are required to go in for travel or exploration for pokemon-pokemon can get wild in the whole city.

That’s the fun of this game pokemon go.

How keen to play pokemon games go do your android phone?

We have had many loyal fans pokemon in Indonesia has played pokemon go on his mobile phone. In my article this time I’ll give you a little trick how to install applications pokemon games go on android phone belongs to you. For you who are currently playing the game and having trouble pokemon go pokemon go in the game and you shall read the tutorial on how to play pokemon go below

How to install hp game pokemon go on android


Surely many of you are curious and can not wait to go play pokemon game app in your android phone. However there are a few steps you must do before you install this application go pokemon game on your phone

For the steps you can follow as below.

Please install the application pokemon games go that you already have, or if you can not install and you get on the GO Pokemon APK link.

Install apps apk pokemon go you’ve had before.

For anyone who wants to buy a new phone that can play pokemon games go, then you should know the types and brands of android mobile phone that can indeed and support to play pokemon games go below.

To install applications outside of google play you can enable the “Unknown sources / Sources in the know” on your android phone by going to Settings> Security.

After you finish installing the application on your phone pokemon go then you require to enable GPS on your phone.

Enter your birth date.

Choose your gmail account to play pokemon games go this application.

Click accept on the part of the Terms Of Services

Next select and specify the style and the gender of your character.

Want to Main Pokemon GO Di Hp Android, Here’s How to install pokecoins freebies

If all of the above have you done so now you’re ready to play pokemon games go on your android phone.

Preferred Small Cholesterol Eating plan : Not necessarily Appetizing nevertheless Nutritious

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For those who have seen from your general practitioner and with working at property cholesterol examination you’ve got increased comprehensive cholesterol stage, among the list of primary items you may want to undertake may be to change the foods you eat for a small cholesterol eating plan to help last decrease your cholesterol.

Providing the foods you eat and unfortunately your cholesterol stage in hand which includes a small cholesterol eating plan is a good issue can be done to remain ones cardiovascular system.

If you need to decrease your cholesterol grades, next a superb eating plan are able to assist you considerably. It can be referred to for quite a while since the produce people feeds and is utilized to help taking in on a daily basis can have a primary regards to their overall body cholesterol grades.

It is critical for individuals to lessen their own cholesterol grades since cholesterol may be related to that progress with heart condition. The upper that cholesterol grades within a person, the much more likely it can be that they are going to be increasing cardiovascular disease in the future. with that will, excessive cholesterol grades can also get people with chance with experiencing some sort of cva or maybe a cardiovascular system breach.

Besides applying drug treatments to lessen cholesterol grades, after having a small cholesterol eating plan is a following nicest thing to remain ones cholesterol grades off. Taking in even more greens, soy solutions and various small cholesterol certain foods may very well be much like accomplished at trying to keep off circulation cholesterol since relief medication. Some sort of customer survey may be capable to point out that the vegetarian eating plan may well reduced cholesterol just by even though one-third just using 30 days.

The most effective cholesterol-lowering eating plan which you could see usually takes for a comprehensive component to greens which include broccoli together with green peppers. Soymilk together with soy sausages, oat bran cereal together with breads and as well a good amount of fresh fruits together with nut products generate a comprehensive small cholesterol eating plan. Soy healthy proteins, nut products, together with fiber content wealthy foodstuff which include oats together with barley may well in place slice cholesterol grades just by as much 7%.

Low cholesterol eating plan additionally wishes want you to lower ones usage of condensed body fat just by 7% and also other body fat contents just by 25-35 percentage. Many experts have presented that preferred eating plan with regard to preventing heart condition comes with drinking non-hydrogenated (unprocessed) body fat as a substitute in comparison to the hydrogenated multitude. Increased entry to omega-3 body fat with species of fish, species of fish petroleum and herb options which include flaxseeds is a recommended body fat consumption within a small cholesterol eating plan. Which includes a small cholesterol eating plan, you need to additionally prohibit on a daily basis salt consumption a place with the amount of two. several gr on a daily basis.

The average morning relating to the small cholesterol eating plan would probably tell you some sort of satisfying lunchtime with soymilk, oat bran cereal using cut up berries together with walnuts, oat meal breads, vegetable-based margarine together with quickly pull. The average small cholesterol noon-time meal would probably contain soy chilly sizes and shapes, oat bran breads, bean soups and then a candy bar with berries. For supper, stir-fry greens, tofu, berries together with walnuts is a standard small cholesterol eating plan service. Next such a small cholesterol eating plan religiously with regard to period of time, it can be simple for a family’s cholesterol stage to help drop just by even though 30 percentage just using 30 days.

Low cholesterol eating plan definitely isn’t really since appetizing, but it surely may well start being active . a long time for a lifetime.
When which the lower cholesterol eating plan provides many positive aspects, there is absolutely no purpose to help avoid the idea.

10 Weight loss plans That will Promise Fat loss

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10 Weight loss plans That will Promise Fat loss
Irrespective of precisely how fit in you will be, people probably would not claim virtually no to help dropping several extra few pounds, does one? Nevertheless, there does exist do not ever an easy answer. Truth be told there is very much a whole lot of contradictory info concerning what you ought to together with should never complete. 500 calorie diet

10 Weight loss plans That will Promise Fat loss
10 Weight loss plans That will Promise Fat loss

Several with weight loss plans that will maintain to figure amazing things, nevertheless make available virtually no serious, perceptible outcomes. Options experienced this example in advance of, you may know in regards to fat loss, practically nothing may be secured. And, did it? In this post, people might checklist 10 weight loss plans which were secured to help you out shed weight.
1. The lower Carbo Eating plan
Irrespective of what folks get instructed people, certain foods which were rich in body fat may not be the particular reason why you will be increasing body fat. Your system must have nutritious body fat to operate, and you would probably end up badly broken down of one’s. Carbohydrate food is incredibly serious. As soon as you use disproportionate numbers of sweets, you will be applying one self at stake. The lower carbo eating plan makes it possible lower may be very simple sweets in what you eat. The idea concentrates as a substitute with excessive body fat, excessive healthy proteins certain foods.
two. That 1500-Calorie Eating plan
The most popular thing in just about all fat loss weight loss plans is a calorie shortfall. You must lose even more high fat calories as compared to people use. As being the identity has revealed, you will be tied to 1500 high fat calories on a daily basis. That center ought to be with taking in thoroughly clean, nutritious certain foods which includes a excessive fiber content subject material.
3. That Paleo Eating plan
That Paleo eating plan can be an all-natural eating plan. The diet plan discusses preventing highly refined certain foods together with taking in entire, all natural certain foods. Consequently people get ones decide on in the hottest greens, fresh fruits, together with beef offered. Investing in all natural foodstuff is usually strongly suggested.
several. That 3-Week Eating plan
That three-week eating plan is usually an additional eating plan this is well-known since the device will take comparatively reduced time for you to shed weight. You may drop around 12 to help 20 lbs over a few months, which makes an exceptional eating plan. About this eating plan, ones calorie consumption is fixed, but it surely necessitates taking in sensibly, rather then waste. The following should make it protected that you should follow for many people.
5. That GM Eating plan
Which probably would not adore to drop some weight just using a week? This is precisely what that GM eating plan assures. The final Power generators Company produced the dietary plan in colaboration with that FDA. It was eventually that will improve the output benefits together with enhance the over-all well-being with it’s people. To get a 7 days, you will be tied to greens, fresh fruits, along with the uneven providing with meats together with dark almond. That anticipated fat loss is usually concerning 10 to help 15 lbs! The diet plan additionally allows you to get rid of your components. This also gets better that digestive together with raises the energy level in the overall body.
6. The lower Body fat Eating plan
The dietary plan was created together with prescription if you get excessive cholesterol grades and tend to be heavy. The idea discusses dropping that share with body fat as a result of the calorie restrict on a daily basis, which often will depend on the individuals grow old together with process. For instance, a lady across sixty should never use a lot more than sixty gr with body fat for an 1800-calorie eating plan.
7. That Southern Beach destination Eating plan
That Southern Beach destination Eating plan is dependent on that bestselling booklet authored by cardiologist Arthur Agatston. It can be a customized low-carb eating plan. The idea discusses taking in excessive numbers of healthy proteins together with nutritious body fat. Nevertheless, that sweets may not be limited, significance you can certainly stay with it and for that reason simpler that you should follow.
8. That Mediterranean sea Eating plan
That Mediterranean sea eating plan discusses an overview with nutritious taking in. Released to work with increasing ones cardiovascular system wellness. The idea recommends taking in plant-based certain foods, fresh fruits, entire grains, beans, together with nut products. The idea restrictions may be poor body fat you may take. This also restrictions green meats together with taking in white-colored meats to help at the least again every week. Not like many other weight loss plans, this also recommends an exercising strategy.
9. That Tender Foodstuff Eating plan
As being the identity has revealed, that tender foodstuff eating plan just will allow you to take tender fresh fruits, greens, together with grains. The concept in back of it’s all natural foodstuff provides the the majority nutritional vitamins together with food preparation eliminates a whole lot of it’s vitamins and minerals. The dietary plan is usually imagined to address head aches together with allergen hypersensitivity, increase defense together with random access memory, and struggle diabetes. Even though the dietary plan surely will work, dealing require a advanced level with attempt to remain the idea intending.
10. That Handsome Buster’s Eating plan
That Handsome Buster Eating plan can be a excessive fiber content eating plan. Don’t rely high fat calories about this eating plan since the device comprises taking in primarily fresh fruits, greens, along with the correct blend of meats together with entire grains. You have got to sacrifice confident categories of highly refined together with sophisticated certain foods which were set with handsome together with body fat. The diet plan discusses limiting blood glucose levels surges just by taking in certain foods which includes a small glycemic catalog.
Which means that, truth be told there you’ve got the idea! Fifteen of the greatest weight loss plans which you could see. A lot of these weight loss plans will assist you to get your unwanted weight deprivation plans very fast. Precisely what people waiting around for? Start out now.

Here Procedures Maintain Body Health Women’s True

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How to maintain the health of a woman’s body has become a key point and it is important for every human being, whether children, adults and the elderly are no exception. Moreover, parents should be able to maintain the stability and health of the body although with a light sports. And also the women with all the activities from waking until bedtime.

Therefore, the woman is necessary to pay attention to the condition of the body to stay healthy and fit. When a woman or even a sick mother, will certainly make it difficult for both himself and his family. Because the woman is the figure of a guard for their children. So maintaining health for women is obligatory.

How To Maintain Good Health Female Body And Right

As has been stated above, that women are very much has activities every day.Well as housewives or as workers or employers and others. Therefore, with many having a hectic schedule to run activities in daily life, women should always keep their health in order to stay fit.

Here are some tips on how to maintain a healthy body or a woman:

Avoid excessive stress

Influence our health can occur from our psychic factor. Then avoid excessive stress that our bodies stay healthy, fit and well fit. Always kind thought and positive thinking. If we always think good and do not prejudice in people it could be a variety of problems in front of us, can be handled easily and stress will not happen.

Cultivate healthy living

We required that we cultivate healthy lifestyle to ward of stress that would happen.How to maintain the health of a woman’s body can be done by keeping the environment, keeping our minds on things from the negative, to maintain the cleanliness of our body and also the cleanliness of our clothing.

Exercise regularly

Similar and regular exercise routine every day can keep our condition in order to stay fit. The body needs to move so that the muscles can move and stimulate the body to keep fit. Other than that with our regular exercise and routine, we will have an ideal body weight.

Pay attention to diet

A balanced diet is the key in maintaining the health of our bodies to stay healthy and fit. By refraining from food is not good for our bodies as a fizzy drink, fast food, fried foods, and always pay attention to nutrition, we will always be healthy.

That is some way can a woman do to keep his body to keep it healthy and fit so as not to disrupt the activities everyday. Hopefully this article how to maintain the health of a woman’s body on top can be useful and inspire your healthy life.

Attractions Bali to Nusa Lembongan

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Who does not know the island of Bali? The island of Bali which has amazing tourist places like the land of paradise. That might say foreigners who come far away from his country just for a trip to the island of Bali which would be in Indonesia. Bali is also famous with thousands of attractive beaches are also visited by many people that makes us fascinated by the beauty of nature. So many people are dreaming to go there. How about you that are in Indonesia if you do not want to scoot fast cruises enjoy the natural beauty that is inside the country are usually a lot of people are choosing a vacation in the country. The bali travel is that sometimes people in Indonesia are often abandoned. Therefore, we will explain how the natural charm on the island of Bali this.
Attractions Bali to Nusa Lembongan
Nusa Lembongan is the attraction of the island of Bali  that there has not been a lot of visitors. Because it is still recently discovered. Nusa lambongan Bali is an area that majority of the people are fishermen, and many also take seaweed for their food. Lembongan itself is divided into two villages Yantu Lembongan village itself and the village Jungu stone. 
Many attractions in Bali Nusa Lemongan this, a lot of things you can do there like diving or snorkling, sunbathing, playing white sand (the famous soft) and much excitement is there. And you need to know is the culinary that will never be left there. It does not fit if you do not enjoy a variety of culinary in Bali Nusa Lembongan. Processed seaweed are widely used as a food ingredient that is characteristic of the place. To enjoy each one of the attractions that you can make on the agenda now. And the constraints usually is transport from one place to another. From each place there already have a vehicle that you can use as the other buses and other vehicles.
It is important for you to the one thing that many visited by many people is a great actor keranjinan (art shop) in Nusa Lembongan. There is another point which attracted many eyes of travelers, among others, is the House of the underground (Underground House), Goa nest swiftlet melawang, Art Shop Centre Buanyaran, as well as unisex romantic place (Romatic place) Kolong Pandan Sunset Park, and there are many interesting places in Bali  that more.
For transport we mentioned earlier is Jukung (boat) that you can use to cross the inter-island of Bali to Nusa Lembongan and the range of time to take it is 1-2 hours and if you want to fast until you can use a speed boat takes only 30 minutes.
So that we can say at this time about travel to Bali Nusa lambongan . We apologize if an error occurs article above. And we suggest you to see the beauty of Tanah Lot existing Bali island. Thank you, we say to you who took time to visit our page.

8 Tips for Maintaining Health and Fitness

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Almost everyone would crave a healthy body. We will be sharing tips on maintaining a healthy body to keep fit , so the body will be more resistant to disease. Here are some tips for maintaining your body’s health:


1. Tips to Maintaining Health is the first body with positive minded, In a healthy body there is a quiet mind and healthy too. So try to always think positive about all the problems that hit.

2. Tired after a long day of is one of the causes of your immune deficiencies. So the rest of your body is a very appropriate step to eliminate the fatigue. Get enough rest every day, is one factor to keep your body’s endurance. In this case adequate and quality sleep.

3. Every morning, try to always do regular exercise. It aims to maintain the condition of the body to keep fit and healthy .

4. Fill fibrous foods each day. Fibrous foods are apples, carrots and nuts. The function of these fibrous foods that keep the body from bacteria.

5. Always make sure that the food you eat already hygienic or has been washed with clean or thoroughly cooked perfect.

6. Eat a reasonable portion do not go overboard. It is feared that your body will be obese and at risk of disease associated with being overweight or obese.

7. Meet the needs vitamin D because vitamin D works to stimulating immune cells to ward off viruses and bacteria. Vitamin D can be found in sunlight, eggs, liver and fish.

8. Meet the needs of fluid required in the body. In this case the water healthy. Eight glasses of water per day is the amount that must be fulfilled to meet the needs of fluids in our body. Similarly, eight things that when done will help maintain a healthy body. –

Thus I write this article may be useful and hopefully can be your reference material.

Gili Nanggu

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Hearing the words of the island of Lombok, immediately comes to mind is Gili Trawangan. Gili Trawangan already has a name that is famous to foreign countries. However, for those of you who’ve been to Gili Trawangan bored and want to try another tour, the island of Lombok offers an island with beautiful beaches and the natural charm of Gili Nanggu.  Gili Nanggu located on the west side of the island of Lombok. Precisely located in the district Sekotong, West Lombok district. Gili Nanggu offers the charm of travel is very beautiful and very suitable for those who want to vacation and needed tranquility. For those of you who just heard the name Gili Nanggu and definitely intrigued by its beauty, the following will explain the attractions of Gili Nanggu:

  1. Managed by the concept of virgin island bali to gili islands heard the word virgin island immediately pictured in our minds an unspoiled island and not much visited by tourists. The concept that was done on this Nanggu Gili. Gili Nanggu is an island in the management prioritizes naturalness and we can not find sellers on the beach so as to give the impression of natural and felt like a private island. There are no people living on this island, but only the managers of the resort.
  2. Beauty amazing marine park Lombok Island is famous for its beautiful beaches. One beauty of the beach is also owned by Gili Nanggu. Besides beaches are still clear water and pristine white sand beaches, Gili Naggu has a beautiful marine park and is suitable for snorkeling buff. Management with the natural concept of making Gili Nanggu maintained its authenticity. This you can see on the reef that looks complete and a variety of beautiful colorful fish. For those of you who will do the snorkeling should be done during the daytime because of currents and wind was calm. In addition, you can more clearly see firsthand the beauty of the marine park.There are two points that could snorkel allows you to enjoy the beauty of the marine park is on the east side there are lots of colorful fish, while the south side is a diverse coral reefs.
  3. Comfortable lodging facilities Although impressed as a deserted island, but Gili Nanggu also offers lodgings for tourists who want to vacation more natural in Gili Nanggu. Cottages and bungalows are provided here by applying sasak tribal house and located on the waterfront. Surely it would increase the effect of natural and traditional. Cleanliness and beauty of the inn also always be maintained so that the visitors feel comfortable. Snorkeling and other watersport facilities are included in this inn so you do not have to worry if you want to explore the beauty of this Nanggu Gili.

Thus was an explanation of the power of dance Gili Nanggu which is one of the beautiful islands located on the island of Lombok. With experienced management who can make you feel like a vacation on a private island.